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10 Fun Facts about Saint Emillion

1) St. Emilion is the only classified region in Bordeaux that updates its classification every ten years.

2) St. Emilion was the first Bordeaux appellation to export their wines to other countries.

3) St. Emilion is the oldest active wine-producing appellation in the Bordeaux region with a history dating back to the ancient Romans.

4) Merlot and Cabernet Franc are the two most important grapes used to produce wine in St. Emilion.

5) St. Emilion is the home of one of the most beautiful, picturesque, wine villages in all of France.

6) St. Emilion is the largest, major, a wine-producing region in Bordeaux with 5,565 hectares under vine and more than 800, different growers, and producers.

7) St. Emilion is the last of the major, Bordeaux appellations to finish harvesting.

8) The terroir of St. Emilion at the top estates is limestone and clay soils, although some estates also have gravel and sand in their terroir as well.

9) St. Emilion produces almost 4% of all the red wine made in Bordeaux each year.

10) Dry, white wine is made by some St. Emilion producers, but the wines must be labeled and sold as generic, Bordeaux Blanc.

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