Is wine really Vegan?

This time of the year, the annual July Lunar month is often referred to by Vietnamese people who believe in Buddhism is colloquially known as Tháng Cô Hồn - the month of lonely spirits, and believed to be haunted and particularly unlucky. Therefore, A lot of Vietnamese people are going vegan for this month to honor the dead and avoid bad luck and of course some of them are wine lover as well. So I would like to share about the question: Is wine really Vegan?.

Wine made from grapes and everyone knows that many vegans are still enjoying it! But actually most people do not know about the wine making process, to remove impurities after oak aging (yeast, sediment, scum, even strange taste ...) wine makers often use "fining agent" to be able to filter out these impurities and of course these "agents" are usually made from animal products (skin, bones, milk, eggs ...). So is wine really vegan like we thought?

However, vegan wine lovers do not worry about it, because there are now many

winemakers that are producing wine using different methods to filter wine, thereby creating a unique truly vegan wine.


Fortunately, in the Vietnamese market, there is an importer of wine available vegan wine, which is Vinobeer Vietnam. One of the largest wine companies in France and in the European market, Vinobeer owns more than 250 stores, 115 hectares of vine yards in Bordeaux and has a sales volume of 65 million bottles per year. Now Vinobeer is present in Vietnam with the mission of bringing wine lovers the best wines that are carefully preserved and at the most competitive prices.

So to honor this Lunar Seventh Month - Tháng Cô hồn, Vinobeer Vietnam bring to you a special deal 20% discount on our Vegan wine Château Haut Meyreau, Nu Comme Un Verre, Vin de France.

With Nu Comme Un Verre we wanted to offer a wine from our Merlot vine in its simplest nature, an explosion of fruit! A pleasant wine, suave, with a warm mouth, particularly fond

Discount code: SEVENTH value until the end of Tháng cô hồn 17-09-20

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