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Our winery story.

The history of Invindia began with a meeting in 1987 between two men: Jean-Pierre Derouet and Jean-Claude Bernard, then owner of the Château Haut Meyreau. At that time, the domain (18ha) only sold bulk wine. From this meeting was born a distribution network (selling bottle and not bulk wine anymore) and a partnership between the two men, one dealing with production and the other with sales. The sales network is established in Mayenne, Jean-Pierre Derouet's native land. This perfect mix between the two worlds has quickly increased sales, Therefore, the estate had to expand, the 18ha become 30, then 60 to reach more than 90ha currently.

In 2019, Jean-Claude Bernard retired and it is quite natural that he turned to Jean-Pierre Derouet to take, alone, the control of the estate. He already had shares in the vineyards since 1996. He was therefore appointed at the head of Château Haut Meyreau in 2010. In 2013, the year when hail had a strong impact on the Bordeaux region, the group expanded. First with Château Aurone, a 5ha domain already cultivated in organic agriculture. The idea here was to be able to start as soon as possible in organic, a key segment for the future, and to pursue a philosophy based on respect for nature, soils and vine. It is also in 2013 that Château Lamichelle, a historic partner of the distribution network, is integrated into group.

2014 and 2015 mark a turning point with two new domains joining the group. First of all, Château Bellevue Malartic, a domain from appellation Convinced of it's potential and the quality of the terroir to make very good integrates Invindia. Faced with these observations, bottle sales were developed from the moment the domain joined the group. The other domain, Château La Vieille Croix, was the first vineyard that does not belong to Entre Deux Mers appellation; indeed, it is located in Fronsac appellation.

The passion for great wines of Bordeaux being always stronger, Château Le Conte, in the Saint Emilion Grand Cru appellation area, joined Invindia in 2017. This acquisition fulfills Jean-Pierre Derouet's dream of more than 30 years. The vineyard was then in a state of near abandonment but in front of such a potential, the attraction of Saint Emilion was the strongest. "It is a little bit the elite of the vineyards there, the very history of the wine, located here for more than 2000 years", and the first vineyard to have seen it's name on UNESCO prestigious world heritage list. In 2018, a second blow of heart, for another vineyard of the appellation, Château Touzinat, is concertized by the integration of this domain into the group. "And there it was again a crush, a crush and at the same time a moment of madness".


Hugues Laborde, our winemaker, comes from a wine growing family in the Gers. This passionate of the wine followed the training of agricultural engineer in Toulouse Purpan (EIP), a prestigious training. His experience in wine then led him to gain experience in Canada, in the Rothchild vineyard of Médoc and in famous estate in Saint-Emilion. It was during a meeting with Jean-Pierre Derouet that the two men forged ties and a desire to work together. Accompanied by Patrick Clarens, the previous manager and the team in place, Hugues arrived in March 2018 with the desire to bring with hum a new vision of wine respecting the traditions and savoir-faire of these men.

Hugus Laborde is fortunate to be able to rely on a experienced team. Some have known the vineyards for more than 30 years. This longevity within our estates allows us to count on an exceptional knowledge of the vine and the terrois.

Acompanied by Slyvain, David, Cyril, Jérôme G, Stéphane, Ludo, José, Guy, Jérome K as well as Mélanie and Patrick, he is committed to revealing the full potential of these fields.


It is privilege to have this winery product in our store. To honor them we bring to you a special deal of 20% discount from our store.


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